Mastering is the critical final step of music production. I use to describe it with just one word: “enhancement”.

Mastering In A Few Words

The mastering process can bring out the really best of your songs, helping them to translate well (to be heard at their best) on all listening situations, balancing out frequencies and enhancing the overall impact and feeling of the track.
It will give a sense of cohesion to all the tracks on an album and also bring the loudness up to commercial standards.
Mastering won’t make a bad mixed song shine, though. It’s not the purpose of mastering actually. To be honest, if the mix is bad, so will be the master.

Your Song The Best It Can Be. Period.

Once we’re clear about the statements above, proper mastering can make a good mix sound the best it can be, enhancing all the details without ruining it.
Your mastered track should sound just like your mix, only better and a bit louder.
Here you can find a quick recap of some of the common steps I follow in my mastering workflow.

What’s Included?

✓Proper gain staging for correct workflow and perception
✓Custom EQ on each track for better balance
✓Multiband compression to even out bass response and reduce some nastyness in the top end
✓Stereo widening and Mid-Side processing to enhance separation and clarity
✓Limiting and loudness maximization to get a commercially acceptable track, always respecting the mood of the song
✓Sample rate conversion to 44.1 kHz using state of the art, low artifacts algorithms
✓16bit-MBIT+ Dithering to avoid truncation errors and add compatibility with standards like CDs and MP3s
✓Spacing and fading of tracks (on an album or EP)
✓Meta data tagging of album art, CD-TEXT and all track/artist related informations (IRSC, UPC and so on…)

Mastering Rates

I work on a per song flat rate base model to mastering rates.
This way, you don’t over pay for having a shorter EP. You only pay for the songs you want to be mastered. That’s it!
And you’ll know exactly how much it will cost you before we even get started. All you need is some simple math.

– Single Mastering Package –

✓Professional Mastering
✓Embedding of Metadatas, ID3 Tagging, Album Art
✓High quality 24bit-wave, MP3 (or AAC/MP4)

45 € / Song

– EP Mastering Package –

✓Professional Mastering
✓Embedding of Metadatas, ID3 Tagging, Album Art
✓High quality 24bit-wave, MP3 (or AAC/MP4)

40 € / Song (3 Songs Or More)

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